How to get the most out of your home inspection 1

1: Attend the Home Inspection

At RGC Inspections the first thing we always encourage is that our clients attend their home inspection. This is so that you can see first hand what the inspector is seeing and that way they can explain any potential issues to you in person. 

When you go back to look at the report you will then have something to reference in your memory regarding what the inspectors comments on a particular part of your inspection report may be.

2: Ask if the company provides warranty

Buying a home is like buying a used car. There are lots of unknowns in the equation that could affect the home like the prior owners maintenance of the home and the condition of the mechanical systems of the home. 

One way that you can maximize the value you get out of your home inspection is to work with a company that provides a supplemental 90 Day Warranty like RGC Inspections. By doing this, you get the peace of mind that comes from the inspection and added protection that will cover you if something stops working between the inspection time and your possession date.

3: Choose a Reputable Company

It is also important to know how many prior inspections the company has completed and how long they have been in business. Not every home inspection company will have 5000 completed inspections like RGC Inspection, but you will want to find somebody with adequate inspecting experience.

It typically takes about 50-100 inspections to really develop a trained eye so this should be the minimum you look for. 

The reason why this is key to getting the most value out of your inspection is because an experienced inspector will be able to spot deficiencies better, and the more issues they find, the more you are able to save on your home.

4: Read the Full Report

The fourth way to get the most out of your home inspection is to actually read the full report. At RGC Inspections we organize our reports so that they are easy to follow and understand what is going on. We also keep our reports concise so that you can read through the full report without falling asleep.


By not reading the report you may miss areas that you could use to negotiate with the sellers to save more money on your home, or miss minor deficiencies down the road.

5: Understand "What" A Home Inspection is...

A home inspection is a visual observation of the property at a point in time. This observation includes all the major systems of the home that are accessible at the time of inspection. Your home inspector will ensure that the mechanical systems are working at the time of the inspection, but because they cannot see into the future they are not able to accurately guess how long they will continue to work if they are past their expected life span.

6. Know A Home Inspections "Limitations"

Home inspectors are not permitted to move furniture or personal affects of the current occupants and this should be kept in mind. While this is typically not a problem, it can become a problem if a seller is intentionally trying to hide aspects of a property from the inspector. The good thing is that most local real estate boards protect the buyer in these situations.