4 Tips to Avoid a Blind Inspector 1

1: Preview their Sample Report

The easiest way to avoid a blind inspector is to preview their sample report. Most home inspectors will like RGC Inspections provide their potential clients with a sample report that you can download. This sample report serves as an example of the digital report you receive after your inspection.

What you want to find is a report that is easy to understand, highlights the areas of concerns, and is informative without being scary.

2: Research Background Experience

Every inspector has a back story. It is important to know what prior experience in the industry. Some inspectors used to be plumbers, some used to be carpenters, some inspectors used to be framers. If an inspector has no prior trades experience, then they may miss or misdiagnose more deficiencies in your home inspection.

3: Ask how many inspections they have done

It is also important to know how many prior inspections they have completed. Not every home inspection company will have 5000 completed inspections, but you will want to find somebody with adequate inspecting experience.

It typically takes about 50-100 inspections to really develop a trained eye so this should be the minimum you look for. If they have under this amount, then you may want to find another home inspector.

4: Read their reviews

If the company has a google business page, or a facebook page go and see what people are saying about the company. Are they good things?
By checking the reviews you can get a better sense of the company.