Whether you know you need to get a commercial building inspection to get a mortgage on your property, or want to know more about the property you are buying it is always recommended to inspect before you invest. Here are 4 reasons why…

1: Understand the building in more detail

When you get a commercial building inspection you will have a digital report detailing everything about the building you are buying from the roof down to the foundation. This will provide you with extensive knowledge about the commercial building and all major mechanical and structural systems.

2: Utilize Your Inspectors Experience

Every inspector has a back story. Most home inspectors come from trades backgrounds and can provide informal recommendations based on their experiences that could help you with any repairs that may need to be done. You can also ask your inspector any questions that you may have about the property.

3: Limits Risk Your Investment

Commercial Properties are expensive compared to a residential property. This results in more risk that comes with that investment. By getting a commercial building inspection you are able to see any repairs that may need to happen in the future and plan ahead.

4: Replacement Cost Estimates

When you get a commercial inspection with RGC Inspections we provide you with a replacement cost estimate for the mechanical systems that are likely to break down. This allows you to plan for them in advance removing more risk from the ownership of the building.